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Общее Дело

Non governmental organization "Favoro" was built in the 2nd of June 2011. Our organization creates opportunities for every team member, with same rights for everyone to reveal their creative potential and ideas with an opportunity to put those on practice.

We hope that our experience will inspire others to take part in activities which can help to make the world a better place. " Favoro" is positioning itself as an organization which activity is based on high moral standards and good practice, which are crucial to our team and its leaders daily work.

For accomplishing its mission the organization is following principles of mutual respect and peace and as the experience of good practice shows, it’s leading to creative development and inspiring to create kind, charitable events. This kind of approach is leading to kind relationship between people and towards the nature. Therefore the motto of the organization is “Let’s help each other”, it reflects our attitude and mutual support.

We work together with companies and organizations which support our corporate policy. Not only Latvia can participate in this cooperation, all the Europe and other countries are always welcome. Thereby to our advantage language features we can contribute not just with English-speaking countries, but also with Russian-speaking too, for example-Belarus.

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